The UTC is organised by the Chair of Spatial Planning and Strategy, Department of Urbanism, Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment of the TU Delft.

The organising team is composed by PhD candidates and Master students from BK and is led by Roberto Rocco (Assistant Professor Spatial Planning). Click on the picture to see their mini-bios.

_concepcion r. aranda pequeña
Concha Aranda Iglesias [Spain], Master student Urbanism
_RA Pradana
Reza Ambardi Pradana [Indonesia] Master student Urbanism
_crist wong
Cristina Wong [Peru], EMU European Master of Urbanism
_Foto Ramses Lebenslauf
Ramses Alejandro Grande Fraile [Spain], Master Student Architecture
Teis Bekken [Netherlands], Master student Urbanism
Kritika Sha [India], Master student Urbanism
Jean-Baptiste Peters [France], EMU European Master of Urbanism
Florencia Rodriguez Balzarini [Argentina], EMU European Master of Urbanism
_Supriya Krishnan
Supriya Krishnan [India], Master student Urbanism
Maricruz Gazel [Costa Rica], EMU European Master of Urbanism
IJsbrand Heeringa [Netherlands], Master student Urbanism
Jan Cyganski [Germany], Master student Urbanism
Mona zum Felde
Mona Zum Felde [Germany], Master student Urbanism
Vladimir Tapia [Ecuador], EMU European Master of Urbanism
Michiel Smits  [Netherlands, PhD candidate]
Chris Bartman [Netherlands], Master student Urbanism
Sahil Kanekar copia
Sahil Kanekar [India], Master student Urbanism
Selina Abraham [India], Master student Urbanism
Rajat Uchil [India], EMU European Master of Urbanism
Daan Leenders [Netherlands], Master student Urbanism
Roberto Rocco, PhD [Brazil] Assistant Professor of Spatial Planning and Strategy